Expand your Business Marketplaces with BigCommerce

Every business wants to sell more, but selling more is predicated in either a lot of customers coming to you or your company’s ability to go to them. This is true for both digital market places as well as physical market places. This being the case, expanding your business market places might mean that you have to try and achieve some level of mobility for your physical store. This can be accomplished by acquiring a mobile POS card reader that allows your salespeople to move into geographic areas with potential buyers. This form of expansion enables them to sell and receive both cash and credit card payments on the go.  

Another form of expansion for your business would be leveraging the power of today’s technology and harnessing the vast pool of potential customers that the online market place has to offer. This can be done by creating an online store that allows you to display your products online and virtually sell to your local community as well as a wider geographic area such as your entire city, country, region and even worldwide. An online store helps you achieve this due to its borderless nature and integrated shipping features that allow you to ship across continents with ease. 

What e-commerce platform should you consider for extending your business' market places

At the heart of the concept of extending a market place, is the idea of exposing your product to as many people as possible. To achieve this on the online market place, it means you must create an online store on an e-commerce platform that has the tools and features that make such an infrastructure possible. BigCommerce, for instance, is a perfect platform that allows omnichannel selling.

If you intend to scale rapidly even though you may have started small, BigCommerce can accommodate the growth of your business regardless of how fast you are growing and how big you become. In essence, it is impossible to outgrow BigCommerce. This cannot be said of many other e-commerce platforms. So when it comes to the expansion of market places these two points hold the key to massive success

Why BigCommerce for expanding your markets

BigCommerce versatility is what makes it an exceptional choice for expanding your market places. Below are the reasons as to why it might be your best choice.

Omnichannel selling

Although you may have been successful in opening your online store, the real heavy lifting is just about to begin. Fortunately, BigCommerce does all the heavy lifting for you with its effective approach to omnichannel retailing. This platform natively integrates Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, Google shopping and Facebook.

So what is omnichannel selling? This can be broken down as retailing through two distinct channels, this being a physical store as well as an online store. It is often confused with multi-channel selling which means retailing through multiple online channels such as an online store, market places like Amazon, etc. as well as social media.

Considering that a retailer such as Amazon is the first stop that most retailers visit before making a purchase, it would be amazing to leverage your online store with such a powerhouse retailer that has mind-boggling traffic.

Forty-four percent of online consumers admit to the fact they would look up an item on Amazon first before making an online purchase. Amazon online sales in 2018 bear witness to this fact as they scooped 54.1 percent market share of all online sales. So there is little doubt as to the benefits that listing your products on Amazon allows your business. More so retailers stand to benefit immensely by listing their product in these high traffic market places where consumer are already spending their time and money. 

In the American market, the number of people who bought something on Amazon in 2018 is a whopping 92 percent. BigCommerce Omni channel capabilities allow your business to expand to all these market places seamlessly.

BigCommerce offers a streamlined management system of channels. What this means is you can easily manage both your online store and it’s various connections to social media, your favorite POS solution as well as marketplaces. This is made possible through the elimination of manual tracking, and it’s errors by BigCommerce’s ability to auto sync. 

That is why this platform has become one of the more favored ones to use when creating an online store.

2. POS integration

 BigCommerce arguably has one of the best POS integration System in e-commerce. Keeping track in a multi-channel or omnichannel environment can have your head spinning. BigCommerce can seamlessly integrate POS solutions such as square, springboard, and ShopKeep to help out with your inventory tracking whenever you make a sale on any channel or in person in a physical store. So no matter the seemingly complex marketing, you never have to worry about making an error where inventory is concerned.

3. Easy to set up

Setting up an online store using Big Commerce is relatively easy thanks to its comprehensive web building tools. You can do this yourself even if you do not have any coding knowledge.

The interface and the terminology used by BigCommerce may sound unfamiliar at first. But with some familiarity, you will find it to be relatively user-friendly.

There’s no limit to the number of items you can upload, and you can do bulk uploads. Since the hosting is by BigCommerce, you do not have to concern yourself with looking for a host, server maintenance or software updates.


Expanding your business to new markets has been made slightly easier through technology and the resulting shopping trends that have emerged and continue to evolve. One sure thing is the fact that through such a robust e-commerce platform such as BigCommerce, it becomes clear that there is a sea of opportunity for businesses to expand into new market places and reap the benefits.  For more information about Online marketplaces in the UK: https://www.shopify.co.uk/online-marketplaces